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It's time to earn what you're worth in 2024...

  • Ready to become a sought-after web or mobile developer capable of earning six figures and more?

  • Want to be able to learn on YOUR schedule, with best-in-class around-the-clock support, learning from professional software developer mentors dedicated to YOUR success?

  • Ready to join a Community of Achievers & Action Takers and dozens of staff who are invested in YOU?

  • Do you want a guaranteed internship so that you can apply for jobs with experience and confidence?

It's time to get started

Stop watching hours of pointless videos and learn the FASTEST way to gain six figure software developer skills -- through EXPERIENCE.

You worked hard to get where you are...

Stop watching hours of pointless videos and learn the FASTEST way to gain six figure software developer skills -- through EXPERIENCE.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You are just getting started

  • You are tired of learning on your own

  • You can dedicate 2 hours per day to become a six figure coder this year

  • You know experience will give you the skills & confidence to land your first dev job

  • You’re ready to stop sending your resume everywhere & just get a job already!


  • Easily solving coding challenges and implementing projects instead of constantly feeling stuck like you don't know what step to take next

  • Not spinning your wheels doing non-stop coding tutorials and submitting job applications 24/7 with no call backs

  • Effortlessly showcasing your skills and confidently navigating the interview process in record time

  • Mastering six figure software developer skills and landing your dream coding job to provide for you & your family

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The Joy of Coding Academy doors are NOW OPEN...

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Value $2,000

Looking to jump-start your career and smoothly impress your next employer? Get an additional 3 months of support after you begin your first full-time developer position.

*Available to deposits made by Friday 11:59 PM and complete enrollment by Tuesday 11:59 PM

BONUS 2: 1:1 Career Strategy Session

Value $777

With Dr. Emily prior to the Internship Kick-Off

Map out your ideal dream developer job career with Dr. Emily herself live on zoom and walk away with the perfect strategic internship plan to make it a reality.

*Available ONLY to the FIRST 5 students enrolled


Value $997

In the slim chance that your first job placement isn't the perfect fit, for any reason, JoC recruiting staff will support you in finding a 2nd position.

*Available to all students enrolled by Tuesday 11:59 PM

Live Training Event With Dr. Emily
Value $477

Join Dr. Emily for a live new Student kick-off and training event (replays available)

*Available to all students enrolled with a deposit and completed first payment by Tuesday 11:59 PM

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Introducing The Joy of Coding Academy Program

A remote, part-time training program leading to hundreds of lucrative careers at tech startups and industry giants like Amazon and Chase.

In-Demand Skills

Learn to develop any type of application and master the latest tech stack of your choosing: frontend, backend, full stack, mobile, project management, or data science. Explore before you join an internship project to find the best tech career fit for you.

Dedicated Mentors

A supportive team of senior software developers and peer mentors to guide & coach you every step of the way - never again be stuck for hours on the same problem. We host live Q & A's on zoom 7 days per week, multiple times per day to make sure you can find one that fits your schedule. Or connect in our private 24/7 discord community.

Guaranteed Internship

Start a guaranteed part-time remote internship after completing the first 2-3 months of training. Gain invaluable on-the-job experience and become the #1 candidate for your dream tech job.

1:1 Support

Looking to customize your internship experience or job hunt strategy? No problem. Work 1:1 with a dedicated career advisor and career coach to find your dream tech career. GUARANTEED.

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What Students are saying about the

Joy of Coding Academy...

“Before I joined the program I took a bootcamp for software testing, I spent some good money on it and it didn’t work for me. When I got stuck, there was no one to help or explain to me. When I first saw The Joy of Coding, it sounded very welcoming. I love the idea of learning at Joy of Coding “work smarter not harder.” Dr. Hill is extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with.

She is always there when I have questions. I didn’t have much confidence in the beginning but she stands by me and encourages me in each step throughout the course.

She makes programming easy to visualize the road map and understand the process.”

Yong W.

“I spent £2850 on a Bootcamp with eight other people here in the UK. This course took 11 hours a day, 6 days a week and by the end of it, I didn’t know how to program.

I then spent another three months self-studying on my own and became overwhelmed as there were concepts I needed help understanding. Emily’s program is designed to teach you where you are at and on your level. I already have grasped more fundamental knowledge of programming than what I thought I could.

I am looking forward to the next couple of months working with her and with her program. It is worth it!”

Arthur B.

Graduates of the Joy of Coding Academy have:

  • Freedom

    The ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Free up more time by removing noisy rush hour commutes as you work from home.

  • Low-Stress Environment

    A flat organizational structure, fewer managers, and a casual dress code are all typical in software development teams.

  • Job Security

    The demand for your skills is sky-high. Once you have a year or two on your resume, tech headhunters will begin luring you with enticing career opportunities.

  • Career Flexibility

    Software developers can switch tech stacks and roles and even go into management positions if you wish. You always have options.

  • Meaningful Work

    Every day you’ll get to create solutions that enrich and ease people’s lives. All our technological advancements run on code, from finding answers on Google to the Internet of Things. A code you could be writing.

Here's what your next 6 months can look like:

Month 1: Mastering the 7 Basics Bootcamp

Learn to use functions and loops to actually solve coding problems in a single file. Understand the role of arithmetic and logic in solving coding challenges to sail through your interview. Take advantage of lists, strings, while loops, dictionaries, and files. Share your progress by using git to post your first portfolio project to GitHub.

More advanced? Hop right into month 2...

Month 2: Advanced Problem Solving

Nail your next technical interview by showcasing your data structures & algorithms expertise. Learn to use data structures such as stacks, queues, dictionaries, multidimensional arrays, and linked lists. Appreciate algorithmic complexity with Big O by comparing sorting & searching algorithms.

At the Joy of Coding Academy, you don't just learn meaningless theory, you will practically apply these concepts by implementing the data structures and algorithms to deepen your learning and further develop your problem solving skills.

Month 3: Explore Your Options

Not sure if you'd rather craft a killer front-end UI or build the next devops dashboard? At the Joy of Coding Academy, you get to customize your learning experience and explore your options before choosing your internship project in consultation with your career advisor.

Month 4: Guaranteed Internship

Skip the no-experience job application process & go straight to the top of the file with a guaranteed internship. Work on a team for a client project that adds direct business value. Help create a student portal, customize yelp or facebook for a niche demographic, or design the next killer SaaS app.

Month 5: Junior Developer Promotion

Once you learn the ropes of how to be an effective team member on an actual client project, the next step is to transition into more feature leadership while you deepen your technical skills. Before graduation, every Joy of Coding Academy student gets promoted to Junior Developer.

Month 6: The Job Hunt

• Strategize applying 10X smarter, not harder, by targeting high-quality career roles

• Craft a standout resume with our custom blueprint to start getting consistent call backs

• Practice our Irresistible Interviewing Methodology to walk into any interview confidently

• Learn our unique Natural Negotiation Strategy to receive top dollar for your talent


  • Online, work-at-your-own-pace curriculum to master the art of problem solving with the 7 basics and beyond

  • 26 Live support calls on zoom 7 days per week

  • Real-time chat support in our private discord community available 24/7

  • Guaranteed internship with experienced six figure software developer mentors

  • Customized learning experience to meet your specific career goals with a 1:1 career strategy session with Dr. Emily

  • Dedicated career mentoring & accountability coaches to help you stay on track

6 months from now you can be stuck in tutorial city...


You can have the skills, confidence, & experience to land your dream dev job...

Which will you choose?

P.S. I hope you know how much I believe in you!

❤️ Love, Dr. Emily

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